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0.1.3 released!

Please, send your comments, translations, bug-reports, patches for this version to my mail, or leave them at forum or at


- added size filtering
- sls_main sends workgroup name to sls_scanner now. This should fix bug with smblansearch and win32 domains.

Note: I recently (3 months ago) took part time job so I don't have much time for smblansearch anymore :( It will be updated slowly :(

Here we go, 0.1.2 released!


Only GUI changes in this version:
- added Russian traslation
- added About dialog and menu.
- If sls_main runs first time (and there's no configfile for it), it'll use default preset.
- added some useful features:

Status bar (used like some kind of progress bar during scanning)
Saving\Loading presets

- added icon and *.desktop file for sls_main

Now you can create your native language translation for smblansearch!
Take sls_main_en.ts in source_directory/tr directory and translate it with Qt linguist. Send translated file to me and I'll add it to next release, and, of course, your name to about dialog :)


0.1.1 released!

smblansearch is quite stable now. qsmbdownloader still unstable, it'll be fixed in next versions.


- I think I've fixed bug with segmentation fault in sls_main, now using signals\slots to determine when sls_scanner processes exited and when we can ready data from them.

- Code lick up


0.1beta released!

Completely rewritten, stablier than previous version, but still quite unstable.


- Now using modular architecture, smblansearch now consists of two binaries:
sls_main - frontend for sls_scanner
sls_scanner - smb scanner.
There's also qsmbdownloader, and smblansearch can use it (right click on the file, download), but it's quite unstable now, and will be completely rewritten in next version.

- Now using regular expressions (with * and ?) instead of part of file/share names


0.1alpha released!

It's only alpha version, and it was written year ago. Now I'm working on 0.1 version, it'll be completely rewritten.

There's also qsmbdownloader in download section - it's some kind of downloader with resume and recursive download. It'll be integrated in next version of smblansearch.

Please don't send bug-repors for this version, because next version will be completely new (mmm, maybe I'll leave GUI :) )

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